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How Halloween Might Injure or Kill Your Kids

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Before you let your kids out of the house this Halloween, have you considered that they are more likely to be hit by a vehicle than at any other time of the year? Or have you seen the reports warning parents about the flammability of Halloween costumes? Oh, then we have to take into account that child molesters use this day to lure children into their homes. Also keep in mind that Health Canada is urging parents to let their children draw faces on their pumpkins instead of carving them – gasp – children might cut themselves.

Halloween is a great time of year to crank up parental fears.

Of course, we all know that crime is at historic lows. And that an unhealthy focus on safety paralyzes children from having any kind of fun. But that doesn’t seem to stop the fear mongers. For fun, I collected some of the best (or, worst) news headlines from this last week about Halloween fears.

Halloween makeup: safe or toxic?
Some parents may think the ghost-white makeup they slather on their kids’ faces this Halloween night is safe because of the “non-toxic” label on the package.

Forget Scary: It’s all About Caring in Calgary
Children wanting to wear scary, violent or blood drenched costumes will have to trade them in for more caring and community-friendly outfits at two public elementary schools in Calgary this Halloween.

The biggest Halloween scare? Emergency dental bills
After savouring a giant gumball, her son Benjamin snapped the spacer on his braces with a Sour Patch Kid. Next, it was Ms. Belanger’s turn: Having weakened her teeth on chocolate bars over Halloween, the Calgary mother of four cracked a tooth on a nut in an apple crisp – a root canal and crown would follow.

Smaller Halloween treats lead to larger eats
Treats packaged in Halloween-sized mini portions trick people into eating far more chocolate and candy than they otherwise would, researchers from the University of Alberta and University of British Columbia have found.

Brace for the most dangerous traffic night of the year for kids
While costume creation is in full gear, give a thought to something else: road safety. Studies from both the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta and Safe Kids USA warn that Halloween is the most dangerous traffic night of the year for kids.

Sex offenders ordered to keep “lights out” on Halloween
The sex offenders must have their lights out and cannot answer the door on Monday night, unless their probation officer comes knocking.

Realistic toy guns can be dangerous around Halloween
Officials with the sheriff’s office want the public to be aware of the dangers and consequences of showing those weapons in public.

Is Halloween Too Scary?
Halloween is everywhere you look, but the scary decorations, costumes and traditions may be scaring your children more than you realize.


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