Cut the Crap

Our first pile for Goodwill after only one evening.

The Bear asked for a trampoline – again – the other day. And I told her that it wasn’t possible, our yard is too small. But really, anything is possible. If we wanted to, we could most certainly accommodate a trampoline.

I had to chuckle. The world works in strange ways. Growing up, my sister and I were constantly asking for a trampoline. “But all our friends have one,” we would moan. Our parents’ retort: “If all your friends have trampolines, why do you need one?” And I would be angered at the injustice and swear that when I had kids, I wouldn’t deprive them of a trampoline.

But there is no way the Bear and Banana are getting a trampoline. Unbeknownst to the girls, MJ and I are in ‘reduce’ mode, not ‘acquire’ mode. In fact, we’ve had to be sneaky. As soon as the Bear and Banana are in bed, MJ and I grab the garbage bags and attack another corner of the house. We’re getting rid of stuff as May is Minimize Month here at Tortoise on the Loose.

Our first step in minimizing our stuff has been to get rid of the things that simply occupy space and are never used. You know the stuff I’m talking about – the things that accumulate that you never intend to have around in five years, but there they are? The clothes that are either too small or too large, the Kinderegg toys that were ‘fun’ until you step on them in the middle of the night with your barefoot, the dollar store items sent home in birthday party goody bags, the pens that don’t work any more, the broken crayons or dried up glue stick, the bathtub toys that are never played with…. It’s time to throw it all out. We’re being ruthless.

They have gone into two piles – either Goodwill or the garbage. I’m slowly moving into things that we can post on Kijiji or Craigslist, but for right now we’re focusing on getting rid of the stuff we are unlikely to get money for.

Why are we doing this again? It’s time to reduce our clutter and make a little money on the side. Less stuff means less to organize at the end of the day – less toys to put away, less items to dust, less things to maintain. And in our home, as in our parenting strategy – less is always more.

Join us! Go through your house with a garbage bag. Step one – cut out the crap.

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