Slow Saturdays – Activity-Free Day

Slow Saturdays is a weekly challenge related to slow parenting. The challenges are intended to break down a large project into smaller, more manageable pieces. Try it for yourself. You are, as always, encouraged to post comments. Tell us your story.

I plan to post on Tuesday about the issue of activities for children. In anticipation, I want this week to be about considering the number of activities we involve ourselves in. Wondering how to define ‘activity’? I would say it is anything outside of the house that is regularly scheduled. Yoga for Mom, hockey for Dad, music lessons for the kids, etc. So, while last week’s challenge was about going out and letting go, this week’s challenge it about balancing that time with just hanging out at home.

The Challenge – Have an activity-free day this week. This challenge applies to the whole family. One day this week, nobody living in the house needs to be chauffeured at a specific time; family dinner does not need to be organized around multiple schedules; the preschooler doesn’t attend their music lesson; the nine-year-old skips Taekwondo. The intent is not to stunt activities that family members have an interest in, the idea is to take a day to consider how much time we spend in activities versus just hanging out. Depending on your family, some will find this challenge easy; some of you will find it near impossible. For those who think this challenge will be difficult, don’t consider work or school as an ‘activity.’ For those of you who think this is an easy task, consider work and school as a regularly scheduled activity.

As for last week’s challenge…

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